Mike's assistance in revamping our financial reporting package has been incredible! He was able to simplify our financial reporting package that is distributed to our Board of Directors while simultaneously increasing the useful information that is provided to our finance committee. And in the process…we have saved thousands compared to our previous consultant. Mike is highly responsive to our needs and works through any new issues that might arise. If your non-profit needs better reporting to your Board of Directors, give him a call! Your stake holders will be impressed with the quality of concise information that they receive. - Frank Xavier


Mike Hurdle and Atlas Financial has helped our small business grow by giving us specific accounting consulting, for our specific business needs. Mike started out by taking on our taxes which needed to be quickly filed, and that were left in a mess from past accountants. He got everything cleaned up, in by the deadlines, and even got us a refund. After doing a great job with our tax filing, he restructured our QuickBooks accounts to streamline the way we categorize everything. It made things less stressful, clearer, and more productive when handling our accounting. He continued his services by giving us one-on-one training in QuickBooks that was tailored to how we specifically use the software for our business. It further helped us create the infrastructure in our accounting we needed to maximize our time and needs. Now we're learning the proper ways to maximize our deductions, and gain the benefits of lower taxes, which is important to maximize our profits. We've also had Mike help us set up and use QuickBooks Payroll and he's continued to do our taxes, including our personal taxes. Mike is personable, he helps us in our home office or remotely as needed. We can't say enough about the help he's given us and we highly recommend his services. -Meagan (and Kevin) Randall

Helped our small business grow

I have used Mike Hurdle as my "go-to tax man" for many years, and I was disappointed but happy for Mike when he left our area for better opportunities. I tried three different tax prepares and was not happy. I was thrilled when Mike contacted me to tell me has was back operating in my area again! I can not express how grateful I am to Mike in sorting out my 1099 tax income and expenses and for his help in tax planning as an empty nest single parent losing a couple of deductions. Mike Hurdle is professional, accurate, and very timely. He cares greatly about providing the best service for each of his clients. It is a huge relief to know I have been afforded every consideration in his preparation of my return. I cannot recommend Mike Hurdle highly enough. Give him a try -- you will be as happy as I am.

Catherine Teare Ketter, Ph.D.